What Is The Best Pointe Shoe For My Foot?

Dear Lisa,

I am a begginer pointe student. Here in Ecuador, where I am from and live there are no specialized dance stores. I thought on buying a pair of pointe shoes in Internet but I feel that I won't get the correct shoes if I don't wear them first. I have Egyptian, narrow and elastic foot, it's kind of squeezy when I step on the floor, so it's kind of hard to find the ideal pointes for me. Would you please guide me on which box, shank, vamp, heel, etc. will fit for my type of foot so that I can ask the seller to bring specifically those shoes? Thanks a lot




Thank you for your question unfortunately we can not give you a specific shoe diagnosis you must try them on! This also cannot be solved by measurements via a foot stencil as the individual foot changes specifically to the dancer whilst working in the shoe. If you live outside an area with access to a proper pointe shoe fitting shop then we suggest you make an online order with different variations, sizes and widths and fit them the best you can yourself and send the others back.

However we have written an article on this previously which you may find to be of some help; What is the best beginner pointe shoe?

Good Luck,

Erika at The Ballet Blog

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