Do you need a partner to do the Front Splits Fast Program

Hi Lisa -

I watched your enticing video trailers, but noticed in much of what was shown that you were there assisting the young girl modelling the moves. (Example: she was resting on her side and you were applying pressure to her hip area with your elbow.) Is The Front Splits Fast program something that one can do alone, or do you need a partner to fully benefit and conduct the moves shown?

Also, is the 1st DVD (you mentioned it was 2 hours) broken into "chapters" or sections that can be methodically utilized into learning chunks (as an example, using a part of this dvd each week during an hour dance class?)

Thanks so much!  Kris

Hi Kris

Thanks so much for your question, and yes, you can definitely do the program alone. We give modifications of several exercises that can be done with a partner, and it is nice to share the process with another person, however this is by no means essential.

For example, the Sub Occipital Releases can be done with a partner, however you can do the same releases using your own fingers (demonstrated in the dvd’s) or with a tennis ball if your fingers are not very strong! The same is true for the deep Piriformis release (the one you reference in your question). This is done in the program using a tennis ball and this is extremely effective in releasing muscular tension that may be inhibiting the sliding of the nerve down the back of the leg.

In response to your second question, yes, the whole program is broken up into chapters on the DVD, including an introduction, explanation of the concepts, the tests, and then each area of the body (Neck, upper back etc). This makes it easy to work through the program at your own pace, and also allows you to choose just the parts of the program that are relevant to you at any point in time.

For instance, when first starting the program, I advise you to go through all sections to try them out, assessing your flexibility after each section. Then, pick the 3 sections that you feel are most important for you and incorporate these into your current flexibility program. Focus on just these 3 sections for several weeks, and then once these areas begin to open up you can begin including more of the program. This will allow you to slowly incorporate only the most powerful techniques into your program for optimal effect.

This also makes it ideal for introducing in a class setting, where you can play one section in each lesson, to deliver the information in small chunks and give students time in between to practice and absorb the new concepts.

I hope that this answers your questions and that you enjoy the program!

Kindest Regards,

Lisa Howell

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