I Have A Question About An Injury

Please be advised that if you submit an injury question here and an answer is given, we may use it as an information post on The Ballet Blog. By submitting a question you agree for this information to be disclosed. Please be advised that due to time constraints and legal liability we are unable to answer everyone's injury related questions. Please check out all of the information on specific injuries on The Ballet Blog: http://www.theballetblog.com/articles/dance-injuries/ We are also collating a series of injury reports that go into these injuries in more detail. Please click here to see if we have one that may cover your injury: http://www.theballetblog.com/shop/product-category/injury-reports/ If you have a complex injury question please contact the Perfect Form Physio clinic to set up a consultation either in person or via Skype. Please phone +61 2 99227721 or email Alison at info@perfectformphysio.com